Which wedding dress styles suit me best? Just ask Victoria.

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. But where do you begin? And how do you know which wedding dress styles will suit you best? To give you a heads up before you start your search, Tilly Mint’s owner, Victoria, answers your dress dilemmas.

Which colours will work best for my skin tone?

Fair skin looks best in yellow-toned ivory gowns like MGNY Calista 51027 (below) – available in the boutique. Traditional bright white wedding dresses will make you look washed out in your wedding photos, so best to avoid these.

Which wedding dress styles suit me best? Fair skin tones - Ivory coloured wedding dresses - Madeline Gardner New York - MGNY

Medium skin and those that tan easily suit wedding dresses with creamier undertones.

Medium with pink undertones – medium pale skin with pinky undertones work best with creamier colours like ivory. This is the most popular colour of wedding gown and you’ll find most shop samples in a light ivory colour as standard.

Yellow undertones – white dresses and champagne shades are the ones for you. Olive undertones should steer away from ivory though, especially with a yellow tone. Try bright white or rum pink instead.

Dark skin tones have the most choice – almost every shade of wedding dress will complement your skin!

Which wedding dress style would suit me? Dark skin tones - Blush coloured wedding dresses - Madeline Gardner New York - MGNY
A bit of blush will look stunning on dark skin – MGNY Carrie 51018 available at Tilly Mint

I have a small chest; which wedding dress styles do you recommend to give me a boost?

The key thing is to create an illusion of a fuller breast, so the best wedding dress styles are the classic strapless or those with embellishment on the bust area. Ruffles, patterns or added fabric along the bust line will enhance the appearance of your chest. Choose a strapless dress that nips in at the waist line, focusing attention away from your bust and onto the most narrow part of your body. A sweetheart neckline will also add a flattering shape to smaller chests. One of our current favourites in the boutique is Stella York 5833see below.

Which wedding dress style would suit me? Small chest - Sweetheart wedding dress - Stella York
Which wedding dress styles are the most flattering for an hourglass figure?

An hourglass figure is one where the top and bottom halves are perfectly balanced, with a defined waist. Hourglass figures are often considered THE shape that can wear anything. We still recommend, however, going for a gown that accentuates your waist, as this will show off your best asset.

The wedding dress styles that suit hourglass shapes are two-piece gowns like corset dresses, sweetheart necklines that emphasise a fuller bust, and A-line dresses with a dropped waist. We love ‘Laura’ by Diane Harbridge available in the boutique.

Which wedding dress style would suit me? Hour glass figure - A-line wedding dress - LAURA by wedding dress designer Diane harbridge


Wedding dress styles to avoid for hourglass shapes are empire-line silhouettes and ball gowns which add weight to the other half of your already balanced body.

What are the current hot trends for wedding dresses?

Big, layered skirts, textured fabrics and empire line dresses continue to be popular. And of course lace – read our blog ‘All about the lace’

Boho styles are perfect for destination and summer weddings. For a touch of vintage glamour, slinky boho styles are fabulous for winter weddings – just add a touch of faux fur. We love ‘Rye’ (below) by Maria Senvo – available at Tilly Mint now.

Which wedding dress style would suit me? Destination wedding dress or summer wedding dresses - Rye by Maria Senvo


What’s the best way to store and transport my gown?

Something as simple as a white cotton sheet extending under and over the wedding dress and pinned is a simple and inexpensive approach. Many delicate fabrics used in wedding dresses can become discoloured if not properly stored. Store the dress away from heat, moisture and sunlight – like a wardrobe in your house. Make sure the kids and pets (if you have any) can’t get to it. At Tilly Mint, we provide protective muslin gown bags to keep your dress in pristine condition.

How do I put on my gown on my wedding day?

With great care! This is where bridesmaids come in to their own, or if you’re not having any, your mum, a family member or friend.  Many dresses have built-in corsets on the inside that need to be buttoned or tied up, and that takes time and additional hands. You also need to be careful with make-up. Keep the fabric as far away from your face as possible to prevent rubbing off. We all know what a pain make-up stains can be to get out of clothes!

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When do I need to start looking for my dress?

This is entirely up to you. Most brides don’t begin the search until a year to nine months before the wedding, but if you’ve got more time, there’s no reason you can’t use it. It’s worth bearing in mind that you may not find ‘the one’ at your first appointment, in fact, it may take you 3 or 4 times, so it’s always good to take the time to enjoy the experience and not rush through panicking that you won’t get your dress on time.

The downside? You need to find somewhere to store it plus with the next season, new gowns and trends emerge and you may find something you like better.

If you have any questions about buying a wedding dress book an appointment at Tilly Mint Weddings and let Victoria and the team help you find ‘the one’.

Call the boutique on 01252 621950 or email enquiries@tillymintweddings.com