Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint.

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The sun has got his hat on, the bees and the birds are buzzing and chirping, and your tan is just beginning to emerge from its winter hibernation; all the ingredients to start thinking about summer wedding ideas. Whether you’re open to some last-minute details, or are already planning your summer 2016/17/18 celebration, you are bound to find something in this Tilly Mint Weddings ‘box of tricks’ to tickle your fancy and get you even more excited about your warm-weathered nuptials.

We have put together some simple, original and easily-accessible ideas to enhance your perfect day, ensuring your wedding has that quintessential summer atmosphere. Financially, whether your big day is on a ‘diet’, or if you have plenty of flexibility in your back pocket, our inspiring summer wedding ideas should be within everyone’s reach.

Super sandals

If you’re planning on a beach/garden/field wedding, or simply don’t fancy encasing your feet for the day, you could select a pair of stunning sandals to complement your gown. Aside from a mandatory pedicure, you will get to feel fresh, comfortable but still stunning, all day long.

Summer sandals for a summer wedding - Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint.

Beat the heat

If warm weather is looking like it may grow in to a scorcher, leave a fan on the seat of each of your guests. You could colour coordinate these to match your chosen scheme, or simply go for a chirpy muddle of hues. A signposted basket to collect a fan is also an option. A step further for a completely alfresco affair is to locate some delicate umbrellas that can be used as protection from the sun’s rays. Again, these can all be matching to complement your style, personality and wedding atmosphere, or each one uniquely different to the next.

Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint Weddings - Personalised Fan

Summer Wedding Ideas - Guest Umbrellas Beige - Tilly Mint Weddings, Bridal Boutique in Fleet Hampshire.

Thirst quenching

When the sun’s out and the tears of joy are flowing, your guests will need hydrating, and what better way than with a refreshing cocktail. You can choose one of your personal favourites, or a classic crowd pleaser, to be served on arrival, or as part of a feature area for everyone to help themselves. You can get your hands on higgledy-piggledy glasses from different charity shops, and use a large glass drink dispenser as a centrepiece. Stripy paper straws are back in fashion and some summer blooms or homemade bunting could finish off your bar area. As a final flourish of individuality, get a custom label made for your container, or multiple labels for bottles.

Be in it, to win it

Mini golf, croquet, skittles, coconut shy, badminton…set up an area so children and adults can challenge each other to win a traditional summer game. Some may be serious, some may just want to try, but you can guarantee there’ll be something for everyone, including spectators!

Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint - Outdoor Games
Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint

Ice, ice baby

So many summer-inspired cooling options in this department! Get your pen and paper ready – this is a quick-fire list of suggestions: An ice-cream station where self-made cones can be created; cocktails with an ice lolly garnish; using edible flowers (such as begonia) to decorate ice cubes; fill a wheelbarrow with ice and cram in your bottles of bubbly, beer or cocktails; hire an ice cream van to dish out 99s; offer guests frozen watermelon on a stick – both colourful and brilliantly chilly; gin and tonic ice lollies. Enough said.

Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint - Beer In Ice Wheelbarrow


Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint - Ice Cream Buffet

Dancing shoes

Us ladies know that a great pair of shoes can LOOK fabulous, but tend to make a long day and night fairly uncomfortable. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in your clutch for your trusty flats and you’re left with the rather frustrating choice of keeping the heels on, or ditching them and risking picking up left-over food, streamers and excess drink with the soles of your bare feet. Why not offer your guests complete feet freedom with a suitcase full of flip-flops. Many high-street shops offer these summer basics for less than the cost of a blister repair kit. Get a variety of sizes and your friends and family can party the night away in comfort.

Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint - Dancing Flip Flops

We have lots of summer wedding ideas on our Tilly Mint Weddings Pinterest page, so why not pop over and take a look.

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Happy pinning, happy planning and happy wedding!

Hip-Hip-Hip Hooray! Summer Wedding Ideas from Tilly Mint. Bridal boutique on the border of Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire.